Saveur du Kivu winners

Congratulations to Saveur du Kivu winners: CPCKA. See full results table below.

“The Saveur du Kivu was a watershed. Extraordinarily, we had ten top international coffee buyers travel at their own expense all the way to Bukavu to discover the coffees and meet the producers. 

 The buyers were amazed at the coffees they encountered. The fact that the judges scored so many of the coffees so highly makes the Saveur du Kivu a game-changer for the farmers in the region. This really is only just the beginning as the eyes of both farmers and buyers are now opened to the possibilities.

I have long been convinced that Eastern Congo is the last major unrealized source of top grade arabica coffees in the world. Through an ever growing number of initiatives and collaborations, including the several cooperatives who are now Twin partners, we are now starting to see that potential realized. In a region well known for its very many difficulties and challenges, this is an extraordinary opportunity for families and communities to transform their lives.”

Richard Hide, Twin

The first ever international cupping competition in DR Congo, the Saveur du Kivu, took place in the brand new national cupping lab in Bukavu on 2-3 June 2015 with over 30 coffee samples entered.

The results, in ascending order for the top 16 samples are as follows:

Producer Groups Sample Score Place
Kawa Maber 302 79.97 16
Kawa Kanzaruru 104 80.50 15
Kawa Kabuya 106 81.17 14
Usina Signaco 205 82.17 13
CCKA 101 82.31 12
CPNCKA 102 82.41 11
UGEAFI 204 83.00 10
SOPROCOPIV 201 84.28 9
AMKA 103 84.42 8
The Finalists
COCARU 404 85.67 7
KACCO 402 86.75 6
Muungano 400 86.78 5
RAEK 401 87.53 4
Sopacdi 404 87.53 3
Virunga 405 88.08 2
CPCKA 407 89.41 1

Congratulations to all participants for creating and participating in such a momentous event.