Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Difficult_Terrain_Rwenzoris_Bwimanero_BJCCoffee producing regions threaten to be amongst the worst affected globally by climate change. The JMI producers are taking steps to adapt to climate change and build resilient sustainable agriculture systems, ensuring that their livelihoods are sustainable in the longer-term and reducing the immediate risks caused by heavy rain and landslides to their communities.

Twin is working with farmers to fund and implement positive measures on their land, such as reforestation and erosion control, as well as raise awareness of the issues.

In Malawi, Mzuzu‘s farmers have successfully trialled a sustainable production pilot, introducing crop diversification, composting and effective organic pest control. With funding from Comic Relief and assistance from InsightShare, they have produced a compelling film (click to view) about their community response.

Meanwhile on Mt Elgon in Eastern Uganda, Gumutindo has set up a community cow-share project with Send a Cow Uganda to help improve soil fertility, and has planted over 200,000 trees as part of its ongoing reforestation project. The aim is to stabilise the land to avoid further deadly landslides on Mt Elgon.

At Bukonzo Joint Co-operative in the Rwenzori Mountains of Western Uganda, through community workshops, farmers have identified that they need to tackle soil erosion and deforestation. They are establishing farmer field schools to educate farmers in the best ways to farm their land whilst protecting the top soil, and are due to plant 300,000 trees over the next three years. They have made a short film about their work:

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