Karagwe District Co-operative Union (KDCU)

Karagwe District Co-operative Union (KDCU)

Visit KDCU’s website at www.kdcucoffee.com

  • The farmers of KDCU produce natural Arabica and Robusta coffees on their family farms, intercropped with banana, maize and yam.
  • They grow their coffee in as natural a way as possible, mulching and using cow manure as fertiliser.
  • KDCU is working hard to encourage more women to participate in the co-operative through gender equality workshops. Women hold important positions within the co-operative, including being leaders of their primary societies, sitting on the board and being part of the KDCU management team.

Investing in the community and farming

  • KDCU has used part of the Fairtrade premium to fund the construction and running costs of a local secondary school. Education is a priority for KDCU’s members.
  • Addressing issues relating to climate change and the environment are a focus at the co-operative. Rainwater harvesting has been installed at the coffee mill, woodland planted and training sessions held with farmers on land management and protecting the land from soil erosion.
  • A subsidised seedling programme is enabling farmers to regenerate their coffee. KDCU has also invested in its coffee mill, society offices and coffee stores.

Karagwe District Cooperative Union (KDCU) Ltd. Head Office, PO Box 14, Karagwe, Tanzania. Tel/fax: +255 282 227 105. Email: ltdkdcu@yahoo.com

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