• Headquarters location: Lemera

  • Region: Southwest of Bukavu, main area around Lemera, Eastern DR Congo

  • Founded: 2012

  • Producers: 1,591 (265 women; 1,326 men) farmer members in 13 primary societies

  • Post-harvest process: Fully-Washed from central washing station; also Farmer-Washed

  • Certifications: Expecting Fairtrade certification inspection in March 2017

  • Varieties: Bourbon

  • Soil types: Volcanic

  • Harvest time: February to July

  • Elevation: 1500 — 2000

More about Furaha Coffee Co-operative

Furaha coffee co-operative meetingFuraha Coffee Co-operative

  • Reviving the production of quality coffee in the region is a vision shared by all of the farmers of Furaha.
  • Located around the Mutumbala valley in the eastern DR Congo, in the mountains to the west of Lake Tanganyika, the farmers live in perfect coffee growing country. However, many families were forced to flee the land due to unrest for many years. Farmers are building up their coffee again and in 2016, Furaha established three coffee nurseries.

Inspiring communities

  • There is a great momentum for positive change, and the organisation has grown from 65 farmers in 2009 to 750 in 2012, when the co-operative was officially registered, to 1,591 farmers in 2017.  There is investment in production and in building coffee washing stations and the farmers are already producing small volumes of superb quality farmer-washed Arabica.
  • The potential at Furaha Coffee Co-operative is enormous and it is committed to being part of the wave of co-operatives that are reviving the fine coffee sector in DR Congo.

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