• Headquarters location: Mbale

  • Region: Mt Elgon, Eastern Uganda

  • Founded: 2003

  • Producers: 10,122 smallholder farmers in 17 primary societies; 45% of the board are women; Women's Coffee available

  • Post-harvest process: Fully Washed from 3 central washing stations serving 6,608 farmers; also Farmer Washed. Fully equipped cupping lab and trained team of cuppers

  • Certifications: Fairtrade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance

  • Varieties: SL14, SL28, Nyasaland

  • Soil types: Old volcanic

  • Harvest time: September to January

  • Elevation: 1500 — 2300

  • Website: Gumutindo Coffee Cooperative Enterprise website

More about Gumutindo Coffee Cooperative Enterprise

Click here for an update on the situation at Gumutindo (Nov 2016)

To find out all about Gumutindo, visit their website; follow them on

Facebook: gumutindo.cooperative

Twitter @gumutindo

  • Gumutindo is actively investing in building washing stations in its communities as they move from traditional farmer-washed Arabica to fully-washed Arabica, traceable to the washing stations.
  • The farmers produce shade-grown, Fairtrade and organic-certified Washed Arabica coffee on Mount Elgon, East Africa’s oldest and largest volcano. They expect to achieve Rainforest Alliance certification later in 2015.
  • A founder member of JMI serving as an inspiration to other younger East African coffee co-operatives by demonstrating how coffee co-operatives can successfully improve the livelihoods of their members and their communities by producing and marketing the best quality certified-coffees.
  • Gumutindo means ‘Excellence’ in Lugisu and farmers are proud of their skills and knowledge in growing and wet-processing their coffee on their family farms before delivering it to their central processing and storage facility with its skilled cupping laboratory.

Ground-breaking programmes on climate change adaptation and gender justice:

  • Communities living on Mount Elgon have recently suffered from a number of devastating landslides as a result of extreme weather coupled with deforestation. Gumutindo is working on projects in the farming communities to combat the risks of climate change. 
  • There are equal numbers of women and men on Gumutindo’s board. Coffee from female coffee farmer members is marketed separately as ‘Women’s Coffee’ and the premiums go directly to the female members to invest as they choose. Gumutindo is also working on a Gender Justice pilot programme with the assistance of Bukonzo Joint Co-operative.

Gumutindo Coffee Co-operative Enterprise Ltd., PO Box 283, Mbale, Uganda. Tel: +256 454 434 415, Fax: +256 454 435 103 Email:

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