• Headquarters location: Ndrele

  • Region: Ituri, northeastern DR Congo, on the border with South Sudan and Uganda

  • Founded: 2014

  • Producers: 2,300 smallholder farmers (391 women; 1,403 men; 506 youth); 4 of 12 board members are women

  • Post-harvest process: Fully Washed from 30 micro-washing stations; dried on raised beds in drying sheds

  • Certifications: Fairtrade, Organic. Working towards Fairtrade and Organic

  • Varieties: Bourbon. Older plants are Bourbon. Coffee seedlings of Blue Mountain & Mundo Novo Arabica

  • Soil types: Rich organic. No chemicals used

  • Harvest time: September to January

  • Elevation: 1500 — 2200

More about Kawa Maber

Kawa Maber was founded in 2014 and located in the Northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo, bordering South Sudan and Uganda. Before the cooperative, there was no infrastructure or direct export market opportunities in the area for coffee farmers. Their coffee was sold over the border in Uganda at low prices and there was no investment in coffee processing and therefore, the quality was poor.


Things are changing for the better. Since the farmers formed Kawa Maber, they have focussed on improving the quality of their coffee by building community microwashing stations; and on finding rewarding better markets for their coffee by exporting directly and through the JMI, working on establishing long-term relationships.


Work with farmers in the Ituri region to form Kawa Maber has been part of an ongoing project by VECO to work with small-scale farmers to prepare them to export high quality Washed Arabica. VECO in DR Congo for full details.

Kawa Maber is committed to increasing youth and women’s involvement in the cooperative to work towards a fairer and more sustainable future for all in the community. The soil is rich and no chemicals are used, so achieving organic certification is a logical step that farmers are working towards.

The primary societies in Kawa Maber have been mapped with blue flags on this map as part of the VECO project.