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Connecting farmers, buyers and consumers

‘I want my buyer to know me – know where I am and who I am.’ 

The JMI co-operatives produce and export exceptional quality coffees directly to clients.

The JMI works with the co-operatives to provide strong stories, information, traceability, identity and reliability to clients.

We ensure buyers are informed and up-to-date with all the latest news from the farmers and so can engage with producer businesses and form rewarding, long-term relationships.

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We pride ourselves on our customer service to buyers, knowing that this lies at the heart of realising our potential through trade.

We offer Fairtrade and Organic certified coffees. We are always looking for ways to better understand customer expectations and demands. We have started work in unique specialty and boutique coffee areas such as Women’s Coffee, Micro lots, and Traceable containers.

We strive to deliver on every contract with timely shipments, reliable information and transparent projects.

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Through the JMI, buyers will know the farmers who are growing their coffee and witness the positive impact that their purchases are having in the coffee growing communities.

By working directly with buyers, farmers are empowered. Buyers can see first-hand the investments and commitment by the farmers and hear their inspiring stories.  This can be equally empowering for buyers – offering them the opportunity to inspire and engage ethical coffee-drinkers.

Contact JMI if you would like to visit one of the JMI member co-operatives. Buyer visits are inspiring to both the farmers, the cooperatives, and their clients. We can facilitate cuppings, field visits and first hand experiences of community projects.

Please look for as at all major fairs and international co-operative events.